Privacy Policy

Our below Privacy Policy is subject to change without prior notice. You are welcome to review this page at every login. Visit to or Access of our Website implies an acceptance of our Privacy Policy in toto

Details of our Privacy Policy are as below

1. We do not seek any personal informatin from you, when you visit / browse through our website

2. However, we do use Cookies and Tracking tools to collect various informations, such as  :

a)      Track the URL / Website you came from

b)      Your IP adress, Date, Time and Duration of each Visit

c)       Your Movement and activities on our Website

d)      The URL you visit, after leaving our Website

e)      Any other information that will help us improve our operations and website, as also enhance Customer experience  and satisfaction

3.  We also Seek essential personal information from you when:

a)      You Subscribe for Product, Price and information updates. You have the option not to provide non-essential / nonstarred information.

Subsequent to Subscribe, You will have the option not to receive our updates/ information / promotional mailers by clicking on the unsubscribe button on our such emails

b)      When you place orders on our Website and provide information, required to execute your orders to your satisfaction.

This information is kept confidential and not shared with any third party. However, the information may be used for our internal research to understand your prefrences

c)       Credit Card / Bank and  Order  information as entered by you is always kept extremely confidential and not shared at all, under any circumstances

Your personal data, as above is encrypted and delinked and not available to any unauthorised  pers on.  It will also not be traded or shared with any third party, unless we are required to do so by Law or for purposes of Govt. Investigation.

Your personal data /information may however be used by us for understanding your preferences, self improvemnet / enhancing customer experience, satisfacion.and improved adminstration of our Website

4. Third parties may place Tracking cookies on our Website. These may be allowed to remain or  removed by us,  if these are not considered to be in Our/  Visitors / Customers interest